Top 5 Tips for Cleaning with Kids!

  1. Start them young.

The toddler years are a great time to start teaching your child about household chores. The key is finding chores that are right for your child’s age and ability – and making them fun and exciting. Household chores help children feel as if they’re valuable members of the household, and provide basic lessons in responsibility.

  1. Give you child fun tools to use.

A fun kids cleaning kit helps motivate them to get started. Include some bright coloured Eco Cloths and Washing up Pads to their cleaning kit to keep them entertained. White Magic has an extensive range of bright coloured microfiber cloths plus Tri Nature has a range of multi-purpose chemical free cleaning products, which are available in easy to use spray bottles and they smell amazing.

  1. Make cleaning a fun experience for the whole family.

Make housework fun by incorporating games into various chores. Include a playlist that’s reserved just for cleaning time. Blast it at high volume, and have fun while you work. Be sure to establish a regular cleaning schedule and make it part of your routine that everyone gets involved in – teamwork is key.

  1. Make your cleaning products more kid friendly.

Tri Nature’s range of eco friendly products are all free from nasty chemicals. They can perform 99% of cleaning chores around the household living areas without the use of chemicals. And since they’re free of toxins the kiddos can clean with it too.

  1. Don’t redo their work. 

Don’t redo what isn’t perfect. If you constantly correct what they’ve done, they’ll quickly grow discouraged and as a result, they won’t bother to learn how to do the task properly and will rely on you to get it done. Avoid giving your kids tasks that will displease you if they’re not done perfectly. Remind yourself, it is about the process.

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