Apiwraps – Eco Friendly Reusable – The Apiwraps Set

Beeswax – Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Apiwrap


Proudly Australian Made & 100% Recycled Packaging!


Stay organised and on top of your meal planning and prep with all your fresh veggies stored fresh and lush with Apiwraps. This set includes an extra-large wrap for your celery, a large wrap for herbs, a medium wrap will keep your pumpkin fresh and a small for avocados – all in complementing colours from the same collection. Your refrigerator will never look the same again, your veggies will be as fresh as they were on market day, day after day.


Eco friendly and reusable , Apiwraps are perfect for storing food in the fridge or on the go. Oilskin food wraps have been used for generations, sealing in freshness and keeping food alive.


Size: Small 20x15cm, Medium 20x25cm, Large 30x35cm & Extra Large 40x45cm



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Product Description

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Pine Tree Resin on Organic Cotton Fabric.


How To Use Your Apiwraps – Simple wrap the item, pressing gently on all overlaps, using the warmth of your hands to seal together. When removing, peel back each layer and smooth the wrap out for next time. Apiwraps are great for storing cheese, cut vegetables and leftovers. They can be used to seal over a bowl, a dish or a platter. Large wraps are great for wrapping veggies or leafy greens as well as bread and sandwiches.


Caring For Your Apiwrap – If your Apiwrao becomes soiled, wipe it over with a soapy dishcloth and rinse under cold water. Don’t use hot water or strong cleaning solutions. Don’t soak or submerge your wrap. Apiwraps are not suitable for wrapping fresh meats, however these items can be stored in a bowl with an Apiwrap over the top. Apiwraps don’t like greasy foods. If they come into contact with oily foods wash them as soon as possible. With proper care your Apiwrap will be supple and strong for many months. You can refresh your wrap from time to time by placing it on a baking tray in the sun for an hour or two. Please keep Apiwraps away from any heat source.


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