Amazing Oils – Baby Magnesium Sleepy Toes

Baby – 25 Sleepy Toes Towelettes!


Magnesium Baby Sleepy Toes can assist with:


  • Muscular Cramps & Soreness
  • Irritability and Restlessness
  • Sleep
  • Supporting Bone Health
  • Increasing Magnesium Levels



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Product Description

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Required for 1200 our of 1600 bodily functions. Only 1% of your Magnesium is found on the blood, the remainder is found in bone and cells. As Magnesium can assist in creating energy in the body, it’s best to use only on the lower body at night for relaxation and sleep (anywhere, as needed during the day). Magnesium chloride is easily assimilated and metabolised in the human body. The modern diet, with an overabundance of refined grains, processed foods and sugars, contains very little Magnesium. Even the Magnesium inside whole grains and fresh vegetables has been declining steadily in recent years because of depletion of minerals in our soils.


DIRECTIONS: Tear off tab from base of box | Remove a single wipe from the box, remove the outer sachet and rub into your baby’s feet and lower legs | If symptoms persist contact your health professional.


DOSAGE: Use one wipe per day and gradually increase to two or three as required | External use only, do not swallow wipe (ingredients on the wipe are harmless to ingest) | Formulated specifically for babies 3 month old infants to 5 year old children.


Active Ingredients: Organically sourced Magnesium Chloride.


Test on soles of feet first, if any reaction occurs apply to damp skin only for the first week of use.

Check with your health professional before use if your baby has heart or renal conditions. Do not use on open or broken skin.


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