Why Soy Wax?

Our Soy Wax is made from the purest ingredients and guarantee non genetically modified and Kosher certified.

Biodegradable and free from pesticides, herbicides
Contains no genetically modified material
Manufactured using pure soy beans and contains no petroleum (paraffin waxes)
Manufactured according to sustainability and renewable resource management

Soy wax is water-soluble, which means you can easily clean out your soy candle containers with hot soapy water, for refilling or efficient recycling. It can also be easily removed from fabric, carpets, tablecloths, clothes and other materials with hot soapy water in a matter of minutes. Unlike paraffin wax, which can be a nightmare to remove. Soy candles generally burns up to 25%-50% longer than paraffin candles. Fragrances in soy wax candles are released faster and longer. This is due to the cooler burning temperature.

How to burn a Candle Correctly?

To get the most out of your Eco Living and Gifts candle… you need to show it some love and follow these directions.


The first time you burn your candle, make sure you burn it for long enough that the wax melts right to the edges of the glass. This creates a candle memory and prevents tunneling on future burns ensuring you get the most out of your candle.


  • Before relighting your candle, ensure it has cooled and hardened completely, and then trim the little mushroom ball from the end of your wick.
  • Keeping your wick trimmed to ¼ inch prevents smoking and helps keep your burn pool clean.
  • We recommend using our wick trimmers.


  • Always use common sense when burning a candle.
  • Keep it out of reach of small hands and paws, do not attempt to move candle whilst in use, always burn on a flat surface and never leave unattended.
  • Burn in a draft free area, clear of flammable objects.
  • If you are left with a black sooty substance at the rim of your jar, simple wipe it away with a damp cloth and ensure you keep your wick trimmed.
  • Failure to follow instructions could result in Fire, Hazard or Injury. Eco Living and Gifts takes no responsibility for injury or damage caused due to any operation of these candles.


Soy wax is also easy to remove from materials and surfaces. Which means that once you have finished with your candle, you can simply wash out with warm soapy water, and re-use.

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