Eco Tan – Sonya’s Tanning Tips

“Using a certified organic skin care range really does make a difference. Whether you prefer your self-tan to be express or slow-building, Eco Tan promises you the most beautiful, believable bronze with NO hidden nasties. Guaranteed!” – Sonya Driver, Founder


Vital to achieving a perfect bronze glow is preparation! Exfoliate the skin with the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or Extreme Exfoliant Glove 24-48 hours before application. This reveals beautifully fresh, rejuvenated and renewed skin, creating a clean canvas for the tan.

Which product is best for me?

Fair to Medium Skin: Choose our Winter Skin. This moisture rich solution builds a tan gradually each time it is applied. The gradual tanner allows you to reach your most desired depth and shade of golden brown without the chance of it turning too dark.

Medium to Olive Skin: Choose our Invisible Tan. This creme offers a deeper shade of golden bronze. Easy to apply with only one application necessary, Invisible Tan is absolutely ideal for when you need a glow quick smart. The invisible formula will not stain your clothes or sheets, so you can apply before bed and allow to develop overnight.

Getting the best glow

For both tanning cremes, apply a fine coat to the feet avoiding the heel and toes. Gradually work from your tootsies up, applying an even amount of creme to the desired areas. Only apply a small amount to the face, knees, elbows, feet and hands. Always wash your hands after application. Hot Tip: Apply a small amount of Coconut Body Milk to elbows, knees and ankles and anywhere else you don’t want the tan to grab.

After Care

Swimming, bathing and sweating will affect the lifetime of your tan. To maintain your glow, use our Coconut Body Milk and Foaming Body Wash, which will prevent your skin from drying and stripping.

Sonya’s Pro Tip

Oil is fatal for a fake tan. If you ever need to get rid of a tan fast, soak in a warm bath with organic olive oil and couple with the Extreme Exfoliant Glove.

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