Citrus Dishwashing Powder

Making homes safer since 1989!

Citrus Dishwashing Powder is Tri Nature’s greatest safety breakthrough ever within its range of household products. It has the lowest pH of any powdered dishwashing product and contains none of the caustic substances and alkaline or chlorinated compounds that have caused so much harm to children around the world.

This product is definitely not good for you and has a most unpleasant taste, but a child who breaks through all the household safety precaution to get to it will at least survive the experience without sustaining permanent harm to the digestive tract or internal organs, which would surely be the result of ingesting other powdered dishwashing products on the market.

“Dishwasher detergent is alkaline – it can be extremely caustic and burn if swallowed. Don’t rely on supposedly child resistant caps or packaging” – 

“Doctors are worried about an alarming number of children being left with horrific injuries after ingesting powder used in automatic dishwashing machines. The concern is not just about children reaching containers and packages containing dishwashing detergent but also those who ingest the left-over powder found in the machines” – Cathy O’Leary The West Australian

  • NO caustic alkalies or chlorinated compounds and NO phosphates
  • Safe from potential toxic fuming
  • Safe to handle as directed
  • Safe for steel, aluminum, glass and dinnerware
  • Will not degrade any surface
  • 100% active, no wasteful fillers and extenders, extremely economical
  • Contains only naturally-based, non-polluting mineral salts & surfactants
  • Powerful but safe oxygen bleaching agents sanitise and destain the entire wash, without the harmful effects of chlorine
  • Natural herbal additives of lemon thyme, bergamot and thymol assist oxygenation, sanitizing, soil dispersal and clean rinsing
  • Biodegrades quickly, without foam build-up in machine or ecosystem

The partner product, Citrus Drying Aid, is made from naturally-based wetting agents that are powerfully active, even at very low levels of use. All residues from the suspended soils of the wash cycle are rinsed away easily, giving a streak-free finish.

TIP: If switching from another product, wash machine with Maxim Descaler first, to remove fillers and extenders, and then every few months to keep your appliance gleaming clean.

“I was talking to a work colleague about the dangers of dishwashing powder which have ‘nasties’ and the incidence of children being burnt by the chemicals in most powders. We both agreed that although neither of our children had ever inadvertently licked the dishwashing residue from their fingers but that it was better to use Citrus Dishwashing Powder from many reasons! 3 weeks later her small son touched the dishwashing powder and then licked it off his fingers! Citrus Dishwashing Powder – safe, economical AND it works!” – Gabrielle