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Free Shipping for all orders over $75

Australia’s Best Washing Powder!

Phosphate-free, ideal for hot or cold washing, safe for septic tanks – suitable for sensitive skin!

A high performance, phosphate-free, naturally derived laundry powder that delivers exceptional economy and performance. There is no doubt this is Australia’s best washing powder.

This award winning eco friendly laundry powder is sensitive enough for the whole family. We have been using it for 10+ years ad just love it. Phosphate free herbal laundry powder that is 100% active and contains no fillers, extenders, phosphates, nitrates, zeolites, petrochemicals or any other nasty chemicals. 

Tips for the Laundry:
Hot Water

Benefits: Extremely effective at removing dirt and oil from heavy soiled fabrics and has the potential to kill germs.

Disadvantages: Hot water has the potential to fade clothes faster and cause some fabrics to wrinkle or shrink.

Cold Water

Benefits: Generally suitable for all colours and suitable for fragile fabrics that are deemed machine safe.

Disadvantages: Both liquid and powder detergents generally take longer to dissolve in cold water. This can potentially lead to dull clothes and detergent particles. Cold water also won’t kill germs.

Warm Water (Recommended)

Benefits: Effective on commonly soiled clothes, but depends on how heavy the stain. Pre-Soaking is required if heavily soiled. We use our Alpha Plus Pre Soaker.

Disadvantages: It won’t kill germs but don’t stress – you can add a disinfectant to achieve this goal. Why not give our Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant a try – Not only is the product full of plant active superpowers, but is also infused with an essential oil based fragrance that makes your clothes smell just amazing! If smells isn’t your thing, add our Sanazone Odourless Disinfectant. We recommend 1 capful of either Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant Concentrate or Sanazone Odourless/Lemon Myrtle Concentrate per wash added to the rinse cycle.

Before you make the change to Tri Nature’s Award-winning Alpha Plus Laundry Powder, we recommend that you do a deep clean of your machine with the Maxim Machine Descaler to remove any build-up of grime which can often be left from other household brands which are clogged with fillers and extenders. Simply pour 50mls into the floor of your machine and run an empty hot cycle and viola!

Chelsea – (Owner) Eco Living and Gifts

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