Tired Eyes

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is approximately 10 times thinner than the skin on your face?

This is why the eye area is always the first to show signs of fatigue and ageing. Restore that youthful glow to your eye area with Tri Nature Restorative Eye Cream.

A divine eye rescue cream that will soothe, refresh and brighten tired and irritated eyes. The antioxidant-rich formula works hard to smooth fine lines, and protect the skin from further damage throughout the day.

Features: Bearberry Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Gingko Biloba Oil, Eye Bright, Green Pea Protein and Inula Viscose Oleoresin.

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Ultra Cream Cleanser

Leah – Marketing Manager Tri Nature

“Having a house full of boys, there are two jobs that I really dislike. Cleaning the toilet (the obvious one), and cleaning the kitchen sink. Dishes get thrown into the sink full of food scraps, milk and soggy weetbix. It’s inevitable that food remnants splash up the sides of the sink and dry hard onto the surface. It doesn’t matter how often I clean it, the insatiable appetites in our house are always going to mean continuous cleaning labour. But the priority is healthy, happy and well fed boys. Well that’s what I have to keep reminding my inner clean freak anyway! The best scenario for me is using a product that keeps my cleaning labour to a minimum, smells great, and is gentle around me and my family. I could not wish for a better product to achieve this than my beloved Ultra Cream Cleanser. The smell is divine, it’s cleaning power is nothing short of miraculous, it leaves my sink and chrome tap unbelievably shiny and streak free, and my sensitive hands can use it happily without gloves!”

My Tip – I spread it around with a damp sponge, and then let it sit for a minute or two. You don’t have to if you are in a rush, but letting it sit for that minute will let the product really work it’s magic on those stubborn marks and stains. Then simply rinse away!

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Royal Silk

Discover New Skin Confidence with Royal Silk Face & Hand Gel!

The most important step in treating skin problems is looking after your skin correctly. The use of harsh soap-based face wash products will only contribute to the problem – stripping your skin and aggravating the condition.

Tri Nature’s Royal Silk Face and Hand Gel is loved by generations of people with unique skin conditions. Completely SOAP FREE, and enriched with Vitamin E and Ancient Herbals, Royal Silk gently cleanses the skin, promoting natural healing and soothing of your skin.

An ideal for skin prone to breakouts, and sensitive skin conditions.

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Heritage Furniture Polish

1.    Dust

Our tool of choice is a pure wool duster. Wool attracts and traps dust, so that you aren’t just moving dust around into the air to resettle again.

2.    Clean & Polish

With much loved Heritage Furniture polish, you don’t have to bother with cleaning and drying your furniture before applying polish. Our rich and luxurious formula will remove grime and build up, whilst conditioning and protecting your furniture.

Your furniture will look renewed and bright, without the sticky wax coating of traditional polishes.

Tri Nature’s Heritage Furniture Polish is also great for cleaning wooden floors add with Chamomile and this will help condition floors. If your floors become slippery you are using too much, try using less.

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