White Magic – Eco Cloth Oven & Cooktop

Aggressive scrubbers clean stubborn grease & grime!


The most aggressive eco cloth for scrubbing ovens and cooktops. The aggressive side is made from polyester film, which will scrub but will not scratch delicate surfaces. The flat side is for finishing the job by picking up loosen grime and polishing.



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Product Description

Oven, Cooktop, Barbecue | Deep Penetrating Clean | Grease Removing Magnet


Directions: Wet cloth and wring out excess water | Fold into quarters | Use the abrasive side for scrubbing grease and grime (caution when using on delicate surfaces) | Use the flat side for wiping and polishing | For a streak free finish use the Window & Glass Cloth to dry the surface.


Chemical Free Living:

  • Save The Environment – Most chemical cleaners are bad for the environment and your family. Why use them if you don’t have to?
  • Save Money – Stop buying chemical cleaners and use cloths that are guaranteed for 300 machine washes, expected to last for 500 machine washes.
  • Get a Better Result – Water and the Eco Cloth clean effectively without leaving and residue behind.
  • Save Time – Simply wet, wring out excess, wipe over!


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