Charcoal Me – Activated Coconut Charcoal



Charcoal Me uses the best coconut fibre and then steam activates it to create the best pharmaceutical grade Activated Coconut Charcoal!


It’s been said that I can do helps of awesome things like whiten your teeth, deep cleanse your skin and even make you a way better dancer.


What’s so good about Activated Coconut Charcoal?


  • Whitens Teeth
  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • Clears your skin
  • Reduces bloating
  • Helps with gas
  • Helps you get over a hangover
  • Helps you to feel amazing


Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegetarian



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Product Description

Clear your Skin – Make a face mask with Charcoal Me to help reduce impurities. Mix 1 teaspoons of Charcoal Me with enough water to make a paste. Use a brush to evenly coat your skin with the mask. Leave mask on until it begins to dry and then rinse off with water. You’ll feel super sparkly after!


Whiten your Teeth – Sprinkle a little charcoal over your toothbrush and brush teeth normally. Rinse your teeth with some water. Brush daily for best results.


Help your Hangover, Beat the Bloat & Clean Your Insides – Take 1-2 teaspoons of Charcoal Me and mix with a cup of water. Drink the mixture and follow with another full glass of clean water. If you want to add some taste to your water add a squeeze of lemon or lime. Wait an hour before taking any medication after drinking Charcoal Me.


Even though we LOVE our coconut charcoal pretty please keep this in mind:


  • If you’re taking medication, consult your doctor to see if it is okay to use while on medication. In most cases it’ll be sweet.
  • If you do encounter any reactions please contact your doctor.
  • If you spill me somewhere wash it straight away – be careful when using activated coconut charcoal.
  • If you are drinking me make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to guide all of the bad stuff out of your body.


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