Bass Brushes – Dry Skin Brush

Ideal for traveling, less soap, lots more lather, stimulating invigorating, excellent for massage! This is the right way to massage, always begin the massage at the feet and massage upwards towards the heart!


Bass Brushes are made from sustainable bamboo and can be used wet or dry. This body brush can be used on the skin wet or dry. The firm bristles exfoliate dead skin, ensuring silky smooth healthy skin with minimal effort. Simply work in a circular motion, starting with the arms and legs, working towards your heart along the lymphatic pathways of the body.


Key Benefits: 

  • Made from 100% Bamboo
  • Removes dead layers of skin and other outer impurities
  • Stimulates and increases blood circulation
  • Helps release fatty deposits under your skin’s surface



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Product Description

100% Pure Bamboo | Non-melting Bristle | Eco Friendly | Vegan Approved


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on earth. Due to its rapid re-growth cycle and 25% higher yield than timber it can be harvested with virtually no impact on the environment. Furthermore it can be grown is soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural technique truly making this a green product.


DIRECTIONS: Keep your body wet. Soap the wet Bass body brush and watch the lather grow. Keep Bass body brush away from the direct flow of water, otherwise soap suds on it will be washed away. Ideal for cleaning the entire body. Special textured natural bristle while exfoliating dead skin cells.


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