Tri Nature – Alpha Plus Pre Wash Soak

1kg | 2kg | 10kg


AWARD WINNING – 2015 Australian Business Award for ‘Best Eco Friendly Product’.


Plant and Mineral Based – Up to 80+ Washes!


A gentle herbal enhanced pre-wash stain remover and soaker that removes difficult stains and contaminations from fabrics prior to the washing.

Formulated with controlled oxygen release technology, it is phosphate-free and chlorine-free. A better choice for the environment.

Ultra-concentrated formula delivers exceptional economy and reduces landfill potential.

For best results use with Alpha Plus Laundry Powder or Alpha Plus Laundry Liquid.


Ideal for Sensitive Skin | Superior Cleaning Results | Whitens and Brightens Fabrics



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Product Description


  • Contains No Chlorine Releasing Compounds: Safer to handle and have in the home | Gentle on fabrics.
  • 100% Active Ultra Concentrated Formula: No fillers or extenders to clog up the waterways or your machine | Up to 40 washes per 1 kilogram bag.
  • Controlled Oxygen Release Technology: Safer and more gentle on skin, fabrics and waterway eco-systems than typical chlorine or enzyme based compounds | Protein based soils are solubilised in a harmless, efficient manners | Biodegrades quickly, no contribution to eutrophication of waterways.
  • Phosphate-free Formula: Unique Phosphate replacement technology provides superior performance | Lower environment impact | Same technology as award winning Alpha Plus Laundry Powder.



  • Add 1 x 25g scoop to soak in machine or in bucket. Use in cold water to remove blood, fruit, dirt, coffee and tea stains. Use in hot water to remove grease and oil based stains. Completely dissolve powder into the water before completely submerging the items to be soaked.
  • Refer to clothing manufacturers washing instructions. Only use on washable and colourfast items. Check for colourfastness by soaking a hidden part of the clothing for at least 2 hours. Soak colours and whites separately. Do not soak metal buttons or zippers. Not recommended for use on wool, silk, satin, leather, or clothing with non-colourfast dyes.


INGREDIENTS: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Gluconate, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Soapwort Extract, Mint Balm Extract, Essential oil based fragrance.


Tri Nature’s earth conscious laundry range was where it all began… Our award winning, eco-responsible premium laundry concentrates provide superior cleaning performance whilst saving you money. Our ultra-concentrated formulas deliver exceptional economy and reduce landfill potential. Ensure the highest level of care for both your family and clothes.

NO Chlorine, Phosphates, Nitrates, Enzymes, Hydrocarbon Solvents, SLS, Phthalates, Fillers or Extenders!

Vegan Friendly, Grey Water & Septic Safe, Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Family Friendly!

All Tri Nature ingredients are sourced with a great deal of care and consideration of ethics, safety and sustainability.


Tri Nature has been making homes safer since 1989!

Made in Australia | Cruelty Free | Septic and Grey Water Safe | Child Safe

Tri Nature products are made using ‘Gentle Chemistry’ contact us for more information.

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100g (Sample), 1kg Soft Pack, 1kg Soft Pack (2kg Empty Bucket), 2kg Soft Pack, 2kg Bucket, 10kg Soft Pack, 10kg Bucket


  • After trying this, I’ve stopped buying Nappy San! It’s a great soaker, it really does it’s job, but isn’t as harsh as Nappy San. I don’t get faded colours even after using the colour safe Nappy San, and it’s a much nicer smell too. You also don’t need as much as you do with Nappy San, so it lasts me half a year! Much more cost efficent.

  • Alpha Plus Pre Soak is the best soaker I have found for antique linen, table cloths, lacework, etc. It removes the yellow look and makes it look fresh and new again. Not having the harsh bleaches etc, makes it perfect for the job.

  • I recently got the laundry pack delivered and have started using the pre wash soak and oh my goodness, it’s the best thing I’ve ever used! I don’t care what my son wears when he eats anymore because I know that stain will come right out.