Probiotic Foods for Everyone

Daily vitamins and minerals from food in an easily absorbable probiotic blend.

Introducing a complete range of Probiotic Foods, suitable for the entire family.



A healthy digestive system should have over 1.5 kilograms of ‘friendly’ bacteria. However, this can become compromised due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle factors such as pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, pollution, stress and antibiotics. Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish and repair from this damage. The foods in our blends have been broken down by a super-culture of probiotics, releasing their precious cargo of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for easy absorption.


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Free from dairy, GMO, colours, flavours, preservatives, or fillers – made with non-gluten foods.

Our probiotics have been stressed to heat, cold and selected chemicals, creating what we call a super culture. After opening they can be kept in a coo, dark place – making them perfect for travelling and easy storage. Our entire range has been Certified Organic.

Al of the foods used in our Probiotic Food blends have been through a natural, organic fermentation process using natural, organic bacteria.



Because everyone is different and we all have different needs, we have created a range to suit the entire family. Even a label for kids and a protein blend for those who need that extra protein from a natural, non-meat source. Every batch is tested and we only use organic products wherever possible to ensure our customers receive only the best, non-additive products available.

We are sure your body will love you for using Probiotic Foods!



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Probiotic Foods for EVERYONE – This blend of Probiotic Foods contains 19 specially selected foods, broken down by a super-culture of probiotics for easy absorption into your digestive system. Available in a powdered blend or vegetable capsules.

Organic Ingredients: Spirulina, Lentils, Chick Peas, BD Rice, Mung Beans, Linseed, Adzuki Beans, Amaranth, Dunaliella Salina, Sweet Potato, Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Alfalfa Seed, Ginger, Beetroot, Cabbage, Molasses.


Probiotic Foods for WOMEN – Women’s bodies have different needs. Probiotic Foods for WOMEN contain 21 specially selected foods high in iodine. Iodine is known to support the thyroid, and the thyroid supports the hormones. Easily absorbed for women of all ages.

Organic Ingredients: Spirulina, Aduzuki Beans, Chick Peas, Mung Beans, Lentils, Pomegranate, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Sunflower Kernels, Dandelion Root, Goji Berries, Queen Garnet Plum, Sweet Potato, Alfalfa Seed, Cinnamon, Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsley, Spinach, Molasses.


Probiotic Foods essential daily nutrition for KIDS – Little bodies especially need vitamins, minerals and amino acids to nourish and repair and grow. OUR KIDS blend contains 19 specially selected foods broken down by a super-culture of probiotics for easy absorption into growing little bodies.


Probiotic Foods for GLUTEN & FRUCTOSE INTOLERANT – People with gluten intolerance often suffer from fructose malabsorption. With this in mind this blend of Probiotic Foods contains 14 specially selected foods – all GLUTEN FREE and LOW IN FRUCTOSE. Broken down by a super-culture of probiotics for easy absorption into the body.

Organic Ingredients: BD Rice, Spiriulina, Linseed, Alfalfa Grass, Sweet Potato, Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Quinoa, Alfalfa Seed, Amaranth, Ginger, Broccoli, Molasses.


Probiotic Foods for PETS – Pets need nutrition and probiotics, just like their owners. Healthy guts means less smelly kitty litter and wind from your friends. Try them today and see the difference in your much-loved pet!

Organic Ingredients: Whole Wheat, Rolled Oats, Pearl Barley, Rye Grain BD Rice, Linseed, Maize, Mung Beans, Soya Beans, Whole Millet, Alfalfa Seed, Buckwheat, Spirulina, Sweet Potato, Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Brown Linseed, Adzuki Beans, Quinoa, Calcium, Kelp, Glucosamine, Agave, Shark Cartilage, Molasses.


Probiotic Foods specially formulated with natural PROTEIN – For sports and exercise enthusiasts and non-meat eaters. Our bodies need good sources of good quality clean protein on a regular basis. Probiotic Foods PROTEIN blend is a selection of specially selected foods with the intention of delivering protein in its most natural form.

Organic Ingredients: Rice Protein Powder, Spirulina, Soya Beans, Red Lentils, Amaranth, Quinoa, Linseed, Brown Rice, Molasses.


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