Get out of the Laundry!

For babies, or people with sensitive skin, it is commonly recommended by cleaning companies, health professionals and organisations, that their clothing should be washed separately from the family’s wash load.

They recommend it should be washed using special “baby” detergents, or hypoallergenic formulas that contain fewer nasties and leave less residues to cause skin irritations. In addition to the inconvenience of this, often these formulas have poor wash performance.

We took to the shopping centre to ask a few members of the public what they thought of these recommendations:

“I have 3 washing baskets in my laundry – for colours, whites and delicates, I’m not getting a fourth!” – Angela

“So that would mean double the amount of washing… I already have enough trouble getting one load done a day!” – Mieka

“That sounds a bit silly to me. I guess because I discovered Tri Nature 15 years ago when my children were babies. One of them suffered from skin problems, and I never had to bother with treating her clothes separately thanks to you.” – Helen

Tri Nature is the Solution!

With our multi-award winning laundry range, FREE from phosphates, chlorine, and nasty chemicals, you CAN have the best of both worlds. An exceptionally gentle wash to care for those with delicate skin, AND exceptional wash performance, each and every time.

Products for the Laundry:

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A few extra dollars in your pocket comes at a high cost for others.

With the increasing cost of living, many Australians have embraced the foreign super-stores, offering overseas items at cheaper prices than our own Australian products. For the sake of saving a few dollars on your grocery bill, you may be compromising more than you realise.

Product quality, health & safety standards, and freshness are the first that come to mind. The one that many don’t consider comes at a frightening cost.

Sadly, many people assume that animal testing is a thing of the past, as it does not seemingly occur in Australia. However, what is not taken into considerations is that the majority of products lining our supermarket shelves and these discount super-stores, are from overseas countries which DO test on animals. Purchasing such products supports and promotes the continued foreign practice of animal testing and cruelty towards innocent animals.

  • Support products you know.
  • Support honest Australian products.
  • Tri Nature is proud to be a preferred Australian supplier of the Choose Cruelty Free Organisation.

For more information regarding the #BeCrueltyFree initiative, you can visit:

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