Summer’s Day

This month, the Kidsafe organisation are promoting awareness of child safety in the home through a day called “Summer’s Day”. This day is named after a beautiful little girl called Summer who tragically lost her life through an accident at home. With our demanding modern lifestyles that are getting even busier, we are often left with little time to ponder the possibilities of such accidents, and more importantly, what we can do to prevent them.

We would like to take this opportunity, through the initiative of Summer’s Day, to urge all of our Tri Nature families to take the time to STOP. Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to stop, assess your homes and the accidents that may happen, and take steps to prevent them.

Take 15 minutes could save your child’s life!

Where to start…

  • Ensure your cleaning products, glass jars, batteries, insect sprays, medicines are all stored well out of reach, and where necessary, in locked containers.
  • If you have a pool, ensure the security fence is in working condition, and there are no objects outside the pool area that could be moved and climbed upon to get over the fence.
  • Create a procedure for all drivers in your family to do a quick check that each child is accounted for before they move their car. It is the little initiatives like these that could make a big difference to your family.

At Tri Nature, we have had many phone calls over the years from distressed parents relaying stories to us of their child’s previous incident with harsh products. They will carry guilty burdens for the rest of their lives from using supermarket cleaning products containing caustics and other harsh chemicals around the home. The damage to children ingesting those nasty products is very often permanent – if not fatal.

If you are using Tri Nature products around your home, you can rest assured you have made the very safest choice for your family. However, please remain cautious. No matter how gentle a cleaning product is – it is still not made for consumption! So please store it appropriately out of reach of little hands.

We hope that by spreading the message of Summer’s Day, that we can assist in helping families to prevent accidents in and around their homes. If you would like more information regarding Kidsafe or Summer’s Day, please visit:

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