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How to avoid your children bringing home unwanted germs…

Children’s colds can be attributed with spending more time in your Doctor’s office and more missed school days than any other illness. Once those dreaded germs enter your house through one child, every parent knows how easily it can spread through the family!

“Children gathering in schools is one of the main ways germs circulate in communities” says Athena P. Kourtis MD, Phd, MPH, a Paediatrician and Author of ‘Keeping Your Child Healthy in a Germ-Filled World’.

What can you do? With an abundance of germs ‘hotspots’ in schools, it is inevitable your child will pick up some nasty germs on their hands. It is imperative that we teach our children how to wash their hands properly.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? In one study of school children (primary through to high school), only half of the children washed their hands after using the bathroom. Of these children, only 33% of girls and a poorly 8% of boys used hand wash.

  • Start with teaching your children the importance of using hand wash.
  • Teach the how to lather the hand wash over their hands – front and back, with particular attention to fingers and nails.
  • Finish with a quick rub over of Anti Bacterial Hand Gel to complete the attack on nasty germs.

With regular hand cleaning, it is important to choose an emollient-rich Anti Bacterial Hand Gel that won’t dry out your child’s hands.

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